August 8, 2016

Michael Nutter Joins UChicago Urban Labs as Executive Fellow

For Immediate Release

August 8, 2016

Urban Labs Contact:
Matt Smith, Communications and Media Relations Manager

Mayor Michael A. Nutter Contact:
Denise Dixon, Executive Assistant

Former Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter Joins UChicago Urban Labs as Executive Fellow

The University of Chicago Urban Labs announced today that former Mayor of Philadelphia, Michael A. Nutter will join the organization as an Executive Fellow to help guide strategy and growth. With more than two decades of urban policymaking experience, Mayor Nutter will help broaden Urban Labs’ public engagement efforts and facilitate new connections with civic leaders across the country to promote the generation and use of evidence-based policy.

“My eight years as Mayor of Philadelphia gave me the opportunity to work with communities to tackle challenges ranging from poverty and education to public safety and sustainability,” said Nutter. “We made incredible progress, but there is still a great amount of work needed to solve the problems that cities face. Urban Labs uses science, data, and evidence-based programs to inform and develop urban policy for the biggest impact possible. I’m excited to be a part of promoting the use of evidence to make cities across the country smarter, safer, healthier places to live.”

Nutter, who left Philadelphia’s City Hall in January after reaching his term limit, also serves on Urban Labs’ National Advisory Council, which is composed of business and civic leaders who provide strategic guidance, perspective, and recommendations to Labs.

“Mayor Nutter’s tenure in Philadelphia demonstrates how evidence-based policymaking can make a significant impact in underserved communities,” said Timothy Knowles, Pritzker Director of Urban Labs. “We are enormously lucky to have someone with Michael’s experience and passion for using rigorous research as part of the Labs’ efforts to discover what works and improve lives in cities across the nation and around the world.”

Taking office in 2008, Mayor Nutter’s eight-year tenure in Philadelphia fostered improvements in high school graduation, college attainment, and public safety. He worked to strengthen police-community relations and reduce violent crime to some of the lowest rates in 30 years. Mayor Nutter also lowered municipal energy consumption and prioritized the greening of neighborhoods across the city. Prior to his election as Mayor, Nutter spent fourteen and a half years representing Philadelphia’s 4th District on the City Council.

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