Michael A. Nutter Advisors LLC is a public policy advisory firm, providing a diversity of professional services to public, non-profit, and corporate entities.

The firm utilizes the expertise of recognized content expert advisors in the areas of public policy, media communications, strategy development, crisis management, government relations, political engagement, and corporate governance. Clients benefit from access to a national and international network of relationships developed over more than three decades of public and corporate service by Mayor Nutter as Principal Advisor, and the team of Professional Advisors.

Mayor Nutter currently provides services, representation and client engagement in a diverse portfolio of activities.

  • In education, a Professorship at Columbia University, and Fellow appointments at Drexel University and the University of Chicago.
  • In the media, as a Political Contributor on CNN. 
  • In public policy, Fellow appointments at What Works Cities/Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and The Brookings Institution.
  • In the corporate sector, as Chairman of the Airbnb Mayors Advisory Board, an Advisor for Ekistic Ventures, and a Conduent Corporation Board member. 
  • In the public and non-profit sector, as a Board member for Code for America, a US DHS Homeland Security Advisory Council Member, a US Department of Transportation Equity Advisory Board Member, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Economic and Community Advisory Council member, the City of Chicago Police Department Community Policing Advisory Panel member, and an Advisory Board member of the My Brother's Keeper Alliance.

The combination of practitioner experience, a record of innovation and groundbreaking thought leadership, with specific plans and strategies developed on behalf of each client, are the services that the firm provides to public and private sector entities to ensure their success in the 21st century.

This level of national and international engagement, access and relationships provides organizations and clients with advice, perspective and knowledge from a public policy expert and practitioner known for driving results and achieving success.

The Harry Walker Agency represents Michael Nutter for speaking engagements; please contact The Harry Walker Agency at 646-227-4900 or to request his participation.


Michael A. Nutter Advisors LLC - Intelligence, Integrity, Innovation.